Everything you need to know about the halo extensions

Everything you need to know about the halo extensions

A few days ago I posted pictures wearing my halo extensions, everybody noticed the long and full hair, as soon as the picture went live I got tons of questions about it, so I decided to create this post to tell you everything you need to know about them.

halo extensions

I got my halo extensions from Halocouture for my wedding, I don’t have a lot of hair plus I love a short haircut. My first option was the tape in, but at the time all the salons around Seattle were not taking new clients and the only one that I found charged around $2,000 for the application + hair, $450 maintenance each 6/8 weeks and they use the same hair only 3 times.

without think twice I decided that I didn’t want to spend that amount of money especially with the wedding coming, so they showed me the temporary options that are maintenance free and also more affordable.

After a quick class about how to clip in and remove, I made my choice- the halo. It’s all in one piece, with a wire that holds the extension and go on the top of the head, like a crown.

halo extensions

Photo: Halocouture.com

The halo come with a flat haircut and you can ask your hairstylist to give it a haircut in a way that makes the piece merge with your natural hair and look as natural as possible. For example, I usually lawyer my hair, so my hairstyle gave the same haircut as my halo extension, even when I had my hair straight I could wear the halo and would look super natural.

halo extensions

I think the only negative side of the halo extension is that it doesn’t feel very firm in the head. I never wore the clip in extensions, but they seen to be firmer. The wire blends very well in the hair, but all the time that I walk fast or go outside in the wind I feel like my halo is going to slip behind my head.

The halo extension is something to wear for a formal occasion or to give volume and length in your pony tail. If you want something for every day I definitely don’t recommend. This is my list with pros and cons of the halo extension:


  • Easy to attach and remove;
  • Looks natural;
  • Affordable;
  • Require low maintenance, wash with shampoo and hair conditioner;
  • Zero damage to natural hair;
  • Easy to style with hot tools
  • You can dye if needed


  • Slips off from the head

What do you think about the halo extensions?

halo extensions

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