Review: Coola Makeup primer with sunscreen

Review: Coola Makeup primer with sunscreen
Coola Makeup primer with sunscreen, really?

When I got my PR box from Coola the first thing that caught my eye was the makeup primer with sunscreen. I have seen a lot of products with sunscreen out there, but never a makeup primer. The idea sounded so great to me that I decided to come up with this review and share all my thoughts about the product.

Coola Makeup primer with sunscreenCoola is a company from California that creates organic products, plant based and free of parabens, GMOs and oxybenzone.

They don’t use animals to test or use tons of products that are bad for the skin. The day dream mineral primer has SPF 30 and is water resistant (40 min).



Probably because they are so concerned about the environment they chose a glass packing, which I’m not a huge fan, however, I agree with the cause. It’s a pump that gives you the perfect amount of product to use for almost all of your face.

Coola Makeup primer with sunscreen


The texture of the makeup primer is very creamy, similar to sunscreen and body moisturizer.

Coola Makeup primer with sunscreen


The finishing is like other silicone base primers, the feeling that the skin doesn’t absorb all the product making it smooth and uniform. Making your skin perfect for makeup application. Be careful if you have oily skin, this may not be the perfect product for every day.

Pricing and where to find

You can find Coola products on their website, Sephora and Ulta. The bottle costs $32. So far, I don’t have an idea about how long it will last because I don’t use it every day, but I can say that this primer is definitely my go to if I have any kind of event during the day.

Final considerations

I love the concept of having a makeup primer and sunscreen in only one product. Last week I went to California and I used this product every day. It holds my makeup in place throughout the whole day without making my skin super oily like mostly of the sunscreens. I wouldn’t use it with a full coverage foundation because you can get some creasing under the eyes, but it is my go to if I have any kind of event during the day.

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