Skin perfector – The new summer trend on shelf

Skin perfector – The new summer trend on shelf

I have seen so many products on the shelf with the phrase Skin perfector that made me curious about the concept. After a few PR packages and shopping – what caught my eyes made me obsessed with them and I want to share with you everything that you need to know about them.

Before we get to the products I want to share a few highlights that made me love the skin perfector.

Skin perfecto are made for be easy and quick

Most of the products say in their instructions “apply like your moisturizer”, no need for brushes or sponges, only dot on your skin and blend with your fingers, easy peasy haha

They are not heavy on the skin

Besides a little tint of color, they are not crazy heavy on the skin, this makes them perfect for summer. I love full coverage for my makeup looks, but on a regular day I’d rather have less makeup and more skin care.

The perfect packing to go

Besides being easy to apply, they are also easy to carry around. Most of the packages are plastic tubes. They can fit anywhere from your makeup bag to your pocket.

Fighting the summer pores

I have combination skin that gets worst in the summer. My T zone gets oily and my pores get bigger. Even when I’m not wearing a lot of makeup, I always apply a pore minimizer primmer on my T zone. I’ll write a post later telling more about my summer hacks haha

Anyway, most of the products that I saw have primer. This helps to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Now without further ado, let’s talk about my favorites.

Erborian CC Crème – Hight definition radiance face cream Skin perfector

Such a long name for a great product. This is the number one on my list, the most complete product that I’ve seen so far. It helps to boost radiance, protects and hydrates, while also helping to unify and camouflage dehydration, fine lines and refine the appearance of skin texture.

Skin perfectorSkin perfector

The thing that caught my attention when I first tried it is that the product is white, like a moisturizer and after Applying on the skin it merged with your skin color. My favorite part is that the product has SPF 25, which is more than the conventional makeup products.

N7 Air brush away – Tinted skin perfector

 The air brush away from N7 is dupe from Erborian. The multi-tasking formula combines the benefits of skin care with a sheer coverage for a satin finish. This one gets the number 2 position because it doesn’t have SPF, however it is my favorite because it fills all the pores, leaving the skin soft and even.

The texture is like a mousse with a silicone feeling, its super moisturizing and has a beautiful finishing.

 Skin perfectorSkin perfector

Pur Cosmetics – Bare It All™ 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Foundation

 I used to love the 4 in 1 foundation from Pur cosmetics and decided to give this one a chance. I’ve honestly never had a product that took me so long to learn how to apply. I tried the sponge, conventional brush, fingers and nothing worked until I used an oval brush. The product is extremely dry perfect for oily skin and hot days. If you have dry skin you can use with your moisturizer to give you some extra coverage.

The texture is very dense which can be a little trick to apply if you don’t use an oval brush, it has a mate finish that lasts for 12 hours. The color range is very light, be careful buying online.

Skin perfector Skin perfector

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  1. Samy Letmark
    July 16, 2018 / 20:01

    I have the Arborian, it’s pricy but worth it!

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