Trending this season: Straw bag

Trending this season: Straw bag
Nothing says more spring/summer than a Straw bag.

They have been trending for the last few years and I can’t stop loving them.I have to confess that at first when I saw a Straw bag the only thing that came to my mind was a Picnic basket, but after a quick online tour and checking out all the shapes, sizes and material, I totally felt in love with it.

Whether with a summer dress, a tailored blazer or your favorite denim, you can always find a perfect Straw bag to match.

Of course, I prepared a list with my favorite shapes and colors.

Roundup Straw bags

The roundup bags are more casual, a perfect match with your favorite flat shoes or denim. If you feel a little extra, you can play with the textures and colors.

Cylinders Straw bags

If you need a touch of style in your basic outfit, go for a cylinder Straw bag.

Ark bag
This is definitely one of my favorite styles, they are usually made of bamboo and look good with absolutely anything, high heels to flip flops

Rectangular Straw bags
This is also one of my favorite shapes. They are more sophisticated and perfect for boat season.
If you feel a lite “extra”
If you love variation and wants something different, you are going to love this selection.


  1. Jill
    June 12, 2018 / 16:59

    Great selection!
    I already got mine!

    • Suellen Aragao
      June 27, 2018 / 16:51

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked!

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