Tips and hints for a weekend in Fairbanks

Tips and hints for a weekend in Fairbanks
Tips and hints for a weekend in Fairbanks.

The idea of this post came from the success of the previous post hunters of the Northern Lights. I had several people asking me for more tips about the whole trip so I decided to tell all about this fascinating journey of one weekend in Fairbanks.

We arrived on Friday night and went straight to the hotel, gets dark very early and since we knew we were going to wake up early on Saturday, we didn’t do anything except go out for dinner. Saturday morning, we did a tour around the hotel, the city doesn’t have a lot of attractions besides the hotel, apparently most of the people are there on business.

Most of the attractions in the Chena Spring Resorts, have a start time and you can find the whole schedule on their own website, after checking everything we planned our day. This is a big tip: – if you don’t have plenty of time to plan everything, get your tickets online to avoid lines and most of the places offers group discounts.

Another important tip that your pocket is going to love it! $$$ – You don’t need to stay in the Resort to use their facilities. They charge all the attractions individually and you can find the price list on their website as well. Use all this information in your favor when plan your weekend in Fairbanks.

This is how we scheduled our trip:

12PM – Arrive at the Resort  

15PM – Aurora ice Museum  

17PM – Hot springs 

8:30PM – Dinner 

10PM – Northern Lights tour

3AM – Get back from the tour   

4:30AM – Arrive at our Hotel


12h – Arrival at the resort

All details and photos of the road are available in post Hunters of the Northern Lights

3 PM – Aurora Ice Museum

I have to confess that whenever I think about museums, something monotonous comes into my mind, mainly because the architecture outside reminded me a lot of a church, but this place came to break my paradigms. With a lot of colors, music, a mini hotel and the coolest part a bar made 100% with ice, where even the glasses that the drinks are served, are ice. They have daily tours at 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM and 7PM. The tickets are purchased right there at least 15min in advance and cost $15. Fun fact each drink at the ice bar costs $ 15.


5PM – Hot springs

This was the hottest part of the day, the hot spring is a natural hot water pool, the average temperature is 35 ° C but it fluctuates according to where you are, the deeper the warmer, the incredible feeling of -35 ° C on the outside and 35 ° C inside the water.

In addition to the hot spring has also a heated pool, hot tub, lockers that can be rented to store your belongings, shower and hairdryer. To use all this you pay $ 15 and the cool thing is that it has no time limit.



8:30 p.m. – Dinner

There is only one restaurant and one cafe in the resort, I honestly did not find the menu very attractive and the waiting line was around 1h but it was the only option so I did not mind the waiting. I was very surprised because the prices were reasonable considering there wasn’t another option around.


10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. – Tour of the Aurora, return and arrival at the hotel

Honestly after so much cool and different thing during the day, I could say that the trip was already worth it, however, the best part was coming and you can check all the details on this post.

Finally on Sunday the last day of our trip, we went to see another special place, a place full of beliefs and love, Santa’s house in the North Pole, yes the house that gave birth to all the stories we heard and even believe as children, honestly the house itself has nothing much is a store with all kinds of souvenirs and gifts.

Which you can buy and bring with you or ask to deliver in your house. The magic of being in that place that inspires so many beliefs around the world is fascinating.


This was my entire trip, my favorite trip here in the US because of all the magical places full of beliefs and the opportunity to see such special natural phonemes.

Use the tips you found most interesting in the posts and have good trip!

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